Review Policy

Here are some things to keep in mind about my reviews:

Here at Debut Tuesday, my primary focus is on reviewing debut YA authors. I post at least one primary review every Tuesday, making sure that readers are up to date with recent releases. Regardless of who your novel is published by, please feel free to reach out to me! I read all YA sub-genres.

However, keep in mind that reading is a subjective adventure. While I am always honest in my reviews, the reviews remain strictly my opinion. I do reserve the right not to feature a book I perceived as offensive or harmful. With that said, I will never be cruel in a review. If my rating isn’t five stars, I’ll explain what didn’t work for me as a reader.

Along with a review posted here, I offer: posts on Debut Tuesday’s Instagram account, a review on Goodreads, and a review on Amazon. If I really love it, I’ll probably also post on my personal Instagram account, as well as my website.

If you’re interested in giving an interview, please reach out! Interacting with both readers and writers is extremely important to me. So let’s chat, about your book, about the journey of being a debut author, about your hopes and dreams for your career, about your writing process, about your pet. Let’s help readers get to know you!

Please send all inquiries to: Or reach out on the Contact Page. Just be sure to fill out all of the info.

I try my best to respond as quickly as possible and post a review within a month. I look forward to reading your work!